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"A Shining Exception"
– Dallas Morning News (Bootleg Islam)

"Smart, Funny and Fascinating"
– Wall Street Journal (Bootleg Islam)

"Hilarious & Delightful"
– Salon's Best of Fest (Nerdcore Rising)

"Doesn't get much funnier than this"
– Backstage (Bootleg Islam)

"Critic's Choice!"
– Chicago Tribune (Bootleg Islam)

"A Riot from the First Scene"
– Boston Herald (Nerdcore Rising)

"Hilarious & delightful" – "Funny, inspiring, authentic, sympathetic and never, ever mean." – "Negin Farsad's hilarious cross-country journey with "nerdcore hip-hop" pioneer MC Frontalot might be the ultimate SXSW film, with irresistible appeal." – "This one's sure to get some kind of distribution sooner or later."
– Salon's Best of Fest (Nerdcore Rising)

"Honest and heartfelt" – "You couldn't ask for a better primer."
– Wired "The Ascent of Nerdcore Rising"

"Nerdcore Rising is a riot from the first scene" – "The contrast between Nerdcore Rising and every other rap documentary makes for rolling entertainment."
– Boston Herald (Nerdcore Rising)

"The goal is to be funny without being a joke,' says one fan; Nerdcore Rising walks, and rocks, that line with skills to spare." - "The rallying cry of a movement"
– Austin Chronicle (Nerdcore Rising)

"Electrifying and arresting" – "It is a well-edited, wonderfully presented look at a movement that speaks to everything geek." – "If you do anything this year to feed your inner geek, make it a point to check out this wonderful doc."
– Film School Rejects (Nerdcore Rising)

"Charming and insightful...touching, funny, and awkward"
– The Portland Mercury (Nerdcore Rising)

"See it if for no other reason than written description is unable to do it justice." - "Wonderfully tender"
– San Francisco PBS Affiliate KQED (Nerdcore Rising)

"This movie made me laugh." - "Nerdcore Rising is hysterical."
– CinemATL (Nerdcore Rising)

Nerdcore Rising "makes for a hell of a fun ride" - "Director Negin Farsad has created an awesome documentary" - "This turned out to be one of my favorite South By films this year."
– Ain't It Cool (Nerdcore Rising)

"Perhaps this could lead to peace and understanding between nerds and the people who normally mock them?" - "Nerdcore Rising is a crowd-pleaser."
– Cinematical (Nerdcore Rising)

"Nerdcore Rising is packed with some great music, entertaining fan and non-fan reactions and cool animations and graphics which do a great job in rockin' that nerdy-cool vibe. A big hit at SXSW, you'll be sure to see more of this film around the circuit (and hopefully in theaters)."
– The Film Lot (Nerdcore Rising)

"Farsad is fearless and hilarious, bursting into song or taking on outlandish new characters with brio, and almost always hitting a bull's-eye."
– NewYorkTheatre.com (Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy)
– Time Out NY Critic’s Pick

"The show has a madcap, high-energy feel and, if just for a moment, makes us wonder, ‘Why can't those two wacky kids work things out?’"
– BeliefNet.com (Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy)

"One of the most excellent and absurd comedy sketch groups to emerge out of the Lower East Side…A kind of bizarre, brilliant vision!"
– New York Press (Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy)

"It takes a rare and inventive imagination to set a region plagued by strife as a romantic musical comedy. If only political unrest and centuries of violence could be erased by a comedy from the fringe."
– BeliefNet.com (Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy)

"This two-person cabaret tackles the hottest of hot-button issues with humor, heart, and a dispassionate wit that lovingly ribs both sides of this otherwise tragic situation."
– NewYorkTheatre.com (Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy)

"Farsad has a touch of madness about her, and that's always worth the price of a ticket."
– NewYorkTheatre.com (Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy)

"Kinetic and clever"
– Theatre Mania (Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy)

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